Christmas Memories

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Dollhouses, gingerbread houses, train-set worlds, fairy tales, frozen icicles hanging from the big rocks on Lincoln Drive. Christmas lights on the boathouses along the Schuylkill River. My mother making jars and jars of cookies. The magical tree and decorated boughs on every windowsill scenting our whole house. The light show at what they now call Macy’s, but what will always be Wanamaker’s to me.

Always a big party for my father’s Penn folks. Cocktails, music, dancing. Dad p…laying the piano and some lady signing. My little sister and brother and I could hear them from upstairs in my sister’s room, where we had our own little kid party with a pint-sized record player and fancy snacks. To this day, my mainstay supper is a little plate of hors d’oevres and a mug of really good coffee or tea. One of my ways of celebrating Christmas every day

Happy Solstice!


On our way back home from picking up my Dad at Penn or Christmas shopping in Center City, I liked to look out the window and see the icicles emerging from the wet rocks on Lincoln Drive. They looked so magical. I liked the subtle beauty of browns, grays and whites. So different from the bright colors of Christmas. More about the life that lay dormant, yet powerful, under the surface. Life that would always prevail.  Even its wintry disappearance seemed a kind of mocking of darkness. “You may not see me now”, it sang in its low bass. “But I am always here and I will show myself to you soon enough. Have faith, child.”

An Artist’s Prayer

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

An Artist’s Prayer

Beloved, may I humbly express

that Beauty that shines from within

sing the song you inspire

and cherish with your heart.

You are the artist and the work

the poem and the poet

the singer and the song

the lover and the loved.

-Kanta Bosniak

image: The central image of this graphic,”Diving Expression.” is a mixed media painting. It was part of “Icons and Sacred Threads,” a solo show at Omega Institute that coincided with my first of two teaching stints there as Artist-in-Residence. It sold to an anonymous collector. I love making art that is interactive- i.e. which includes an adornment which you can remove, wear and replace. Kind of like wardrobe sharing with your bestie, the Divine Feminine.

The Best Things in Life

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

I saw a post that reiterated that old cliché that “the best things in life are free.” It included cutely drawn images that represented things like “Love, kisses, memories…” These things, like freedom, and personal integrity, are not free. A romantic relationship requires commitment, transparency, the sharing of power, trustworthiness, loyalty, physical and energetic sexual fidelity. It requires consistency. Honorable dealings over time that build trust… and earn respect. It requires that you ask yourself before you take an action how it will affect the other and your relationship. It requires cherishing the partner and showing your love in ways that delight, encourage, inspire and strengthen his or her confidence and unfolding path to full potential. Being present to witness, to celebrate successes and console in times of loss.

It requires the willingness to grow as a spiritual being. Not only that you would never consciously harm or fail to consider the other, but that if and when you do fail unconsciously, as all humans do from time to time, that you stop right there. Stop what you are doing, acknowledge the pattern that has heretofore been lurking outside the boundaries of your conscious mind, and take the responsibility to clean it up. A romantic partnership is not free at all. You must surrender the notion of me first with the most. That narcissism which in babies is charming, but which good parents begin to discourage in their toddlers.

I believe that of all things in life, we learn the most in relationship and in relationship we are called to be the best versions of ourselves. And like anything of worth and value, it costs us well-spent effort. Most of all, it requires the sacrifice of that within us which is *not* love. This is the highest price any human being can pay. It changes our relationship with ourselves and our Creator as well as the other, for the love with the Inner Beloved is the intitial and primary one and is reflected in that with our partner. In sacred partnership “God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” is a daily practice.  The “best things in life: love, kisses and the creation of shared memories,” are expensive, and worth every bit of the cost. For in the surrender of selfishness, we give and receive at the same time.

Early Morning Lights

A little teaser from Soulmates, my next book of love poems, which will be released in 2015. I’m posting it now as a preview, because it has a seasonal flavor. What a joyous time of the year for all of us, and especially for newly engaged couples. Yes, Holiday season is also Engagement Season! <3

Early Morning Lights

I opened my eyes and saw pulsating

colored lights dancing in the still

dark room. Was I still dreaming?

I could feel what was shining

at its summit with my heart.

And even when I unplugged

the treelights, there remained

a happy image in my mind,

a lightness in my heart

and joy.

c Kanta Bosniak

Tree Lit Kiss

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

Excerpt from “Tree Lit Kiss,” which you can find in “Sacred Love: More Love Poems.”

Sacred Love is the fourth book of love poems in the Kanta Bosniak Love Collection, which also includes Love Poems, Awakened Love, Twin Flames, and The Love is Everywhere Coloring Book. Both spiritual and earthy, it’s a lovely romantic gift. It also provides a rich source for alternative wedding readings for the “spiritual/not religious” couple. Readers will find themes of Divine and romantic love, blended with the spicy taste of Christmas, New Year’s, and cozy winter nights. Topped off with frothy, lighthearted illustrations, it makes a warm and wonderful treat to share with your beloved.

The Love Poems Series

BeFunky_love books.jpg
The Love poems series gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction, in much the same way you feel when a dish turns out just right and you have the pleasure of serving it to your guests.

I created it partly because the love poem is a natural form of artistic expression for me, and partly because it meets a need for love poetry and romantic readings that strike the right chord for the modern reader. They’re great romantic gifts and also a great source for wedding readings for the spiritual/not religious couple. Give all four or tuck one in a box as an extra treat for your beloved. The perfect gift for:

Romantic birthday
Just because you love someone!
Yourself :-)

Coming in 2015: My next book of love poems,  Soulmates

Gift Haiku/ The Friend

This playful Christmas graphic includes an image of a shadowbox and references from 2 of my 4 books of love poetry. My books express love that is earthy, heart-connected and spiritual at the same time. They’re the perfect romantic gift and also provide a source for contemporary, personalized, spiritual/not religious weddings. “Gift Haiku” says it all in the simplest, pared down, “acoustic” version.

“Gift Haiku” From “Sacred Love”
I give you a box
tied with a shiny ribbon
all my love inside.

Throughout both spiritual and secular literature and songs, there is often an interplay between love for the Beloved (God) and love for the beloved (sweetheart) and between the Friend (God) and the friend ( sweetheart or spouse). In interviews with wedding couples I often hear this: “We became friends, and then best friends.” Or “we are each other’s best friend.”

The relationship that we have with Divine Love is expressed through human love and human relationship are strengthened by our awareness of the Inner Light shining within the beloved. To maintain an awareness of this Light helps us stay engaged and heart-connected, as so beautifully said in First Corinthians:
“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every

Hawaiian shamans would describe this stance as being in the spirit of aloha. Yogis would use the Sanskrit word “Namaste” to describe the same state. It means that we are greeting the highest and best in “the other” from the highest and best in ourselves.

Excerpt from “Recognition” in “Love Poems”
Throughout our journeys
we may have changed our roles
but ever and always,
we have been friends.
And the Friend says, “Yes.”

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak


Laughing Love

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

This poem is from my fourth book of spiritual love poems and classic love quotes. “Sacred Love.”

“Chinese cuisine has Dim Sum, which translates as ‘little pieces close to the heart.’  These poems are dim sum for the soul – little vignettes that bring a smile, a laugh, a tear, an ‘aha’.  Like dim sum, they should be savored slowly – and perhaps with good company.”   – Rev. David Robinson, Center for Spiritual Living Redding, CA

“We often hear that words fail, yet.these poems masterfully convey the ineffable mystery and magic of love. Prepare to have your heart opened.”   -Rev. Ogun Holder, author of Rants to Revelations

“Delicious poems that compare lovers to chocolate oranges and a festive day together as steamy mulled cider. For those who enjoy giving their beloved a spicy, romantic treat!”   – Kitsy Clare, author of The Art of Love Romances. Model Position and Private Internship

The Power of Smiling

Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are intertwined. So, if you improve the conditions of any, it will have a tendency to improve the condition of all. Some of the simplest and easiest “abundance triggers” are to stand to your full height so that your energy flows freely, keep your chin up, and smile. This is what philosopher and spiritual leader Anandamurti called psycho-spiritual parallelism. It’s not that you fake it till you make it; it’s that taking the action, even if you don’t feel like it actually causes a change, so that you do feel it.

Here’s a Monday morning tune I enjoy because it has such a fun retro vibe. It gives my mind delicious pictures. I see musician and radio host Mindy Abair  as comedian Amy Poehler on the set of the 60s rock show, “Shindig!”  And I imagine myself being able to play an instrument. In a bustier. And those jeans.

Link to Mindi playing her song, “Smile”