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Wedding Shoes Paloma pop hearts

I love all weddings, from classic and formal to rustic and casual and everything in between. And I’m always adding to my “costume chest” for theme weddings. In addition to my classic attire, I’ve been collecting (and creating) design elements and vestments inspired by Celtic, Indian, African, Hawaiian traditions, Hippie, Boho, Steampunk, and Gypsy themes. And of course, I love heart motifs. The newest addition to the costume collection: Allegria Pop Heart Maryjanes. If you have an idea for a theme wedding, I’ll be delighted to talk with you about creating your ceremony exactly as you envision it!

Celtic-Themed Weddings

Do you have your heart set on a Celtic-themed wedding? I’m (half Pennsylvania Dutch and the other half) Welsh and Scotch/Irish, so I’m all about it! We can incorporate a Celtic hand-wrap and blessing into the ceremony. I can wear my usual black and white ministerial vestments. Or, if you want everyone in plaid, I’m good to go! Call me and let’s get started planning the ceremony of your dreams. Wedding outfit Celtic

Partnership and the Pretty Dress

So, I’m trying something on and I overhear this young woman in the next dressing room. She’s saying to an older lady, “I love the dress, but I don’t know if my husband will let me wear it.” *Let* her?!?  And I’m thinking, “Honey, get the dress and get rid of the husband.”

When I write wedding scripts, I customize them to whatever the couple wants. But I tell them from the get-go, there’s one word I won’t put into a script, and that’s the word, “obey.”

When I went to make my purchase, the saleslady was weirded out too. She told me it was a pretty dress and not overly sexy or cheap-looking. “It’s supposed to be a partnership,” she said. “You come back soon, OK?” We smiled at one another, both feeling better. And I walked out into the breezy summer night with my treasures.

Intelligently Directed Self-Care

“Intelligently directed self-care is essential, as is intelligently directed service to others. Make yourself everything, and you miss out on the deepest joys of life. Make yourself nothing, and you become a tasty snack for the conscienceless.”
-Kanta Bosniak

Forgiveness & Accountability

Forgiving does not necessarily include choosing to associate with or make excuses for someone, or to remove the natural consequences of his or her actions. It may simply mean letting go. Letting go of the habit of replaying mental movies which keep rage fresh, and letting go of contempt, that notion that one is better or more valuable than the perpetrator of an offense. This is especially appropriate when the individual exhibits no remorse.

A person who happens to be further along the learning curve is not better or more worthy, just as a 5th grader is not more deserving of love than a toddler. He or she is just on a different part of the curve, a different timeframe. However, remove from that toddler or that 5th grader accountability, boundaries and the responsibility to respect others, imbue him or her with a sense of “specialness” and you create a monster. Enable an adult and you interfere with his soul growth and your own. Karma may not be circumvented. Because accountability is a lesson we must all learn and to play the long-suffering martyr doesn’t earn you cosmic brownie points. It just keeps you stuck.

One Heart, Many Arms!


People sometimes display surprise that I do what appears to be more than one job. Most of us are taught to believe we can only do one task. But think about it. We’re all so used to multi-tasking that we don’t even recognize that we’re doing… it. How many tasks do parents do? They nurture, love, provide moral guidance, sustenance and financial support, and much more.

Actors must master speech, dance, and vocal projection, use of the stage, acting for the big hall and for the camera (which are completely different skills!) memorization, study of the psychology of their characters, as well as how to tap in to their own emotional content, and again, much more.

Self-employed folks must fulfill all roles necessary to the smooth function of a business entity, which in a large organization are enacted by various departments headed by people with entirely different skillsets. If you work for yourself, you are responsible  to be your own expert in the visionary, strategic, procedural, and social aspects of the business.
We are all smarter and more multifaceted than our culture trains us to think we are! We are like the image of Durga, the Hindu goddess, reaching out in many directions, but all from one central defining essence.

As for me, It may seem that I do many things, but I really do *one* thing, I am a spiritual artist who likes to facilitate the HAPPY through various forms of expression. The arts of written and spoken word, visual art, and sacred celebrations. At the center of all my work is the Beauty that shines from within us all.

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Artists, Writers & Shamans

KantaPaintings6.26.09-047416Shamans and artists throughout history have used Image, spoken and written word and music throughout history to help people shift their state. As both artist and modern shaman (minister) this is at the center of all my art, recorded work, and teaching and books. Writing about “Abundance Triggers,” and icons especially. But really my poetry books are also intended help readers to align with their loving nature.Not all artists and writers are shamans. One  might even call some anti-shamans- those artists, writers, and musicians who express their internal disorder, hatred and rage provide negative foci for others, Some do this unconsciously. Some more predatorial ones, quite consciously and cold-heartedly use word, sound, media and image to cause harm.

Hater, misognistic music and porn, mean memes, and so on.In contrast, those artists, writers and musicians who walk a spiritual path have both the potential and the responsibility to use their gifts to inspire. And they and have done so much to raise up the entire level of human consciousness with their work! If we add media, film and television, and let go of thinking of “shamans” as people who beat on drums, or even artists whose art is concrete and touchable, then we can consider Fred Rodgers and Oprah Winfrey as artist/shamans.Founder of Ananda Marga Yoga Society (the organization for which I was a meditation teacher in my early twenties) P.R. Sarkar urged artists to create art for service and blessedness and not merely “Art for art’s sake.” About this, he the following:

“The ideal of an artist is to be established in a transcendent realm, beyond the limits of the senses. So the artist, or more precisely, the worshippers  of fine arts, have to be spiritual aspirants. Only those who look upon everything of the world as Spirit can realize in everything a subtle, blissful, Transcendental Entity. The greater the artists’ understanding of their kinship with God, the greater their art.”

Images: Modern icons Bill Moyers,Serge Kahili King, Nikki Giovanni, and Milton Erickson. Paintings NFS, collection of the artist. Photos of the art by Rick DeLello

See my Etsy gallery, Minister of Art, for folk art portraits, West-African-inspired Adinraks, and affirmations.
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Deep Cover and Spiritual Practice

deep coverFellow Germantown Friends alum Henry Bean co-wrote and co- produced a riveting film noir “Deep Cover.” Released in 1992, it remains one of my favorite thrillers. Laurence Fishburn’s character poses as a drug dealer in order to fulfill an inner mission. Will the dark world into which he must descend seduce him? Will be become the sociopath he pretends to be?This is a moral question we all face as we navigate earthly life. How to be in the world and deal with a world which seems to value power, control and money far more than basic human decency, and yet retain hope, kindness, compassion and happiness? How to avoid fear in challenges, arrogance in success, or  disheartenment by encounters with the conscienceless?

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

For me, it’s spiritual practices. Daily meditation and prayer, dance and singing, weekly guided meditation, and frequent walks in nature. Some of the state-shifting activities I mentioned in my book “Abundance Triggers.” The more I’m tempted to slack off, the more I know I need it and the more I appreciate the difference when I get my bliss back.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”- Romans 12:12

“Perform all your actions with your mind concentrated on the Divine, renouncing attachment and looking upon success and failure with an equal eye. Spirituality creates equanimity.” -The Bhagavad Gita

images: “Deep Cover” promo 1992
“Madonna with Gold Frame” 11 X 14 print, available in my Etsy store. See More

Roadtrip Dilemmas: Deaths, Rememberings & Renewal

heart & cross

you answered detail

At some point in our lives, we go through at an experience that seems to threaten our comfortable existence. Some sort of shakeup to the life as we know it. It may be a loss. Or a profound change. Or a health challenge. For any of us, it happens many times over the course of a lifetime. For all of us, it happens at least twice. Once when we come into form, and again when we return to spirit. We all get to forget where we com…e from and we all get to remember it. What dies, in the end (and every time we remember to correctly identify) is attachment to form, the attempt to control, and the belief in separation, all of which fuel fear and drama. What lives is freedom, beauty, love, and peace.

We stand, at each of these times, at a kind of crossroad. Which voice will we choose to guide us? Ego, which demeans us, or Love, which gives us strength and courage? May we choose the wisdom of the heart, over and over, for it will always lead us home.

Easter Blessings,


images: “Heart and Cross” by Kanta Bosniak, acrylic on wood
detail from “You Answered Me and Made Me Bold” by Kanta Bosniak. Mixed media, acrylic on canvas, mixed fiber and found objects.

Brain Science and Native American Wisdom


native american cpupleFrom Native American wisdom: “The Elders say the men should look at women in a sacred way. The men should never put women down or shame them in any way. When we have problems, we should seek their counsel. We should share with them openly. A woman has intuitive thought. She has access to another system of knowledge that few men develop. She can help us understand. We must treat her in a good way.”

They were right. Most women, all but 17% are better able to access empathy (that legendary women’s intuition) and use language to connect, rather than command. These same skills that help women excel at mothering help them in group dynamics, teamwork and inclusive leadership, which lead through motivation, identification of and utilization of employees’ skills and abilities. These are important skills for a world in which peace and sustainability are possible.

In healthy society, as well as in individual life, we need to balance analytical thinking and intuitive thinking for the best and brightest solutions. I find it hopeful that so many of the young people I meet get this. There is a beautiful respect these young couples have for one another and for each others’ gifts. They communicate. They live and make decisions as a team. And even though one may be more on the intuitive side, and one more about logic, both of them are whole and more global thinkers than the caricatures of the grounded guy and the airy fairy girl. I’m guessing that as we continue to evolve, the figures may show an increase in balanced thinkers: men and women who can intuit, empathize, parallel park, and solve the h** out of a math problem.

-Kanta Bosniak

image: Native North American couple, Situwuka and Katkwachsnea 1912

Link to article on male and female brains: