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Mulching with Women’s Wear Dailies, Perfume Hacks and Authenticity

Yesterday, my friend Donna told me she had come upon something I had written back in the day. It was poem I wrote when my ex and I owned a 23 acre property and gardening was, like writing, art and … Continue reading

Ya Gotta Have Heart

Artists, writers, and singer/songwriters, and filmmakers offer a specific vision of life. Whether it inspires compassion, inspiration, fresh new thinking, and joy or whether it deadens, roils up hatred, bores, triggers horror, fear, or despair depends on the state of … Continue reading

About My Coaching

Coaching and Guided Meditation (aka transpersonal hypnosis) is partly listening. What is the goal? And understanding. What is the limiting belief? What would be a better story? And intuition. Tuning in to the person’s inner mythology, archetypes, inner essence, and … Continue reading

The Power of Smiling

Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are intertwined. So, if you improve the conditions of any, it will have a tendency to improve the condition of all. Some of the simplest and easiest “abundance triggers” are to stand to … Continue reading

Sahasrara Chakra and the Invisible Crown

  “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, ” said Henry the Fourth, in Shakespeare’s play of the same name. Well, yeah, if you all you can imagine, desire and go after achieving is to murder and steal your … Continue reading

The Force that Guides the Stars…

This Thanksgiving, I am feeling grateful for all my teachers. The ones who inspired me, challenged me, helped me grow spiritually and intellectually. The ones who are still living, and those who are in spirit now, but whose loving, gentle inspiration I … Continue reading

Cloaks of Gratitude

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” Rumi I found this lovely Rumi quote as I was thinking about Thanksgiving and the words “cloaks” triggered an internal visual of my crazy-quilted wearable art. Making fiber art wearables … Continue reading

“Owwww, We Want the Funk, Gotta Have That Funk!”

What’s most interesting to me in art, fashion, music, cuisine, interior design, and people is the feel of the real. It may not be ALL about that bass, but I want to hear the beat that makes me want to … Continue reading

The Power of Desire

“To accomplish anything, we must desire. Desire is the creative impulse within.  It is that energetic impulse to extend love though work and word, through creation and procreation, and through building true community. And before we can desire, we must … Continue reading

You Who Sit on My Eyelids

“In my yoga teacher days, I was captivated by a line of imagery in a Sanskrit chant of appreciation to the Divine. The song addresses God in various ways, one of which is ‘You Who Sit on My Eyelids.’ Isn’t … Continue reading