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Windy Autumn Morning

Brisk winds wishhh through the trees outside my window, causing the lighter boughs to dance and lifting loose leaves high into the moving air. As I open my door and step into the rustling sound and cool feel of it … Continue reading

Artists, Writers & Shamans

Shamans and artists throughout history have used Image, spoken and written word and music throughout history to help people shift their state. As both artist and modern shaman (minister) this is at the center of all my art, recorded work, … Continue reading

Deep Cover and Spiritual Practice

Fellow Germantown Friends alum Henry Bean co-wrote and co- produced a riveting film noir “Deep Cover.” Released in 1992, it remains one of my favorite thrillers. Laurence Fishburn’s character poses as a drug dealer in order to fulfill an inner … Continue reading

Roadtrip Dilemmas: Deaths, Rememberings & Renewal

At some point in our lives, we go through at an experience that seems to threaten our comfortable existence. Some sort of shakeup to the life as we know it. It may be a loss. Or a profound change. Or … Continue reading

Overcoming Unhealthy Fear

When I was researching Bob Marley to do his portrait, I found it very interesting that he and his band played late at night in the graveyard to overcome their fear of performing. They figured, if they could perform for … Continue reading

Things I Learned From Surviving Cancer

Things I Learned From Surviving Cancer Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery and chemotherapy, after which my body became painfully stiff. This spring is my first since chemo that my body feels flexible again. I … Continue reading

A Bagful of Teaching Tales

I’d like to share two Facebook posts with you. Yesterday: Oh, yeah. I lead a wild and wicked life. Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend at SBUX to score Disney cartoon videos for my grandson;-) And today: I’m sitting in Starbucks … Continue reading

Appreciating Harold Ramis

One of my most admired writers was the brilliant Harold Ramis. Comedy is so tricky to pull off well and he was such a master. I loved the way he told stories that made us laugh and yet had meaning. … Continue reading

“Everything Your Heart Desires”

As a business, creative and personal/spiritual coach, I love to help people get their happy on, because this is where it begins. Then, we can work on the step-by-step actions that lead to FAR more effective and long-lasting good results. … Continue reading

Mentors of the Peace

Guest Blog, published in “Streetlight Magazine” Dec 30. 2013 Link to article http://streetlightmag.com/2013/12/30/mentors-of-the-peace Text: Mentors of the Peace by Kanta Bosniak “Mentors of the Peace” Art Exhibit at the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention, 2nd floor, Norris Hall, … Continue reading